I’ve already started some companies but I have a block

12B i have a business but  im blockThings are ok.


You’ve got a nice apartment, or house not all of your furniture is Ikea and you’re reasonably happy. You’ve opened a business (or two) and they’re doing ok too. On paper, you’re really “livin’ the dream”.


But it’s not right.


You’re destined for more than this you just know it but you don’t really know what “more than this” means. Your businesses do ok (or break even…maybe not every month) but you see so much more potential. You could be that business you really want to be but something just isn’t clicking.  You’re not where you want to be.  You feel your business has plateaued a bit. You “should” be happy with where you are. Other people would love to be where you are. You hear all the time how lucky you are.


Why don’t you feel that way?


Because you’re a Unicorn! You’re destined to majestically gallop through the fields of life, not get content on hay in a nice temperature controlled barn! You’re not satisfied because you’re not living up to your potential and you know it. Somewhere deep inside you know “this can’t be it.”
The good news is, it isn’t.


The “bad” news is, it’s gonna take some work to push through it.


Let’s do the work together.


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