I just lost my job and I’m in freak out mode

4B I lost my jobHoly shit I’m unemployed. I am such a giant screw up. I can’t keep any job. What am I gonna do? I don’t have a nest egg or a savings account or a near death rich old aunt to bail me out of this.


I. Am. Screwed.


No you’re not. It may feel like it right now but you’re just “in transition” as the career counselors like to say. (Doesn’t it sound nicer already?)


This is the perfect opportunity to take some time (the one resource you’re now rolling in) and figure out what’s next and not just what’s the next dead-end job but what’s the next amazing chapter in your story. The one where you suddenly start making the money you want, doing the job you’ve dreamed of and looking back on your previous struggles like they were last Thursday’s lunch. “Oh yeah, I remember that but I’m not having a panic attack thinking about it. That’s nice.”


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