I hate my current job but feel trapped by the golden handcuffs

1B I hate my current jobMan, isn’t security awesome? Being safe and supported is the best, right? Health insurance! 401Ks! Paid Vacations! The best!


Then what’re you doing here?


Something isn’t right for you. I’m not saying it’s time to ship off to a Tibetan Monastery (I’m not saying it’s NOT the time either) but clearly this isn’t what you want. It’s what society tells you that you SHOULD want but it’s not doing it for you.


Do you feel greedy? Do you feel shallow? Do you feel like your problems are miniscule and you should just suck it up and be happy?


Well get over it.


“Well, my arm is broken but at least I’m not currently on fire…maybe then I would allow myself to consider this a problem.”


Why wait until you’re on fire to deal with the issue? You’re not happy. You’ve got tons of cash but you’re not as happy/fulfilled/excited as you want to be.


That’s fine. We start there.


I want to help you unlock those handcuffs (rawr) and find out what genuinely makes you excited to get out of bed.


Do you want to design jewelry but worry that you could never afford your mortgage if you went for it? Do you want to open your own business but worry that “now isn’t the right time”? Whatever it is you wish you were doing, we’ll find out what’s in your way from doing it, and what you need to do to get your Unicorn horn back.