Be More Awesome

Oofta. My feels are all engaged. Just watch the video.


I love kid president. If you haven’t caught some of his videos be sure to check out the Soul Pancake YouTube channel here!

Bits that I particularly loved.

“We can all be awful sometimes but we can all also be awesome. It’s time to be more awesome.”

It’s easy to beat ourselves up…we’re easy targets. Why not let all of that go and figure out how to be more awesome?

“History is made by ordinary people. Ordinary people like you…and me…and that guy.”

It’s easy to forget that celebrities, thought leaders, and Abraham Lincoln click here are all real people just like us. You can make history, you just have to decide you want to.

“Life is school and ya gotta show up.”

Step one is show up. Figure out where you need to be and go to there.

“They also see the person that we can all become someday.”

You gotta have someone in your life who can tell you how awesome you are. Teachers, coaches, partners, friends or even your dog because for whatever stupid reason we all keep trying to convince ourselves otherwise. You’re awesome. We see it. Tag, you’re it.

So ask yourself today…

What are you teaching the world?