What the hell do Unicorns have to do with coaching?

With business?

With you?
With leadership?

Unicorns stand out.

You’d never look at a Unicorn and think “Oh look a Unicorn.” No, you’d think “Holy shit, there’s a Unicorn! I’ve gotta go meet it!”
Unicorns are bad-ass.
Unicorns are unique, powerful and rare.
Unicorns are magical. Not like card-trick magical but genuine earth-shaking magic.



It’s a lot easier to just be a horse, blend in and call it a day but a Unicorn can’t do that. It’s impossible to hide how awesome it is because it’s got a giant horn on it’s head. Everyone can see it. Everybody knows. There’s nowhere to hide and a Unicorn doesn’t want to.


Nobody doubts a Unicorn.

Everybody loves a Unicorn.
Got it? I dig Unicorns. Everybody does.

Seeing the parallel yet? No? That’s cool. I’ll spell it out for you. You’re a Unicorn, dammit!

(Oooooh so that’s what the name means!)

Your business is a Unicorn.
Your art is a Unicorn.
Your partner is a Unicorn.
Your tribe is full of Unicorns, dammit!


But a lot of you Unicorns aren’t living up to your potential.

It’s tough to see the forest through the trees sometimes and having someone walking beside you can help you see the horn through the horsehair (does that metaphor work? I don’t even know.)

I want to work with Unicorns or the people who are working to become one.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. You’ll be amazed at where you can go. You’ll be amazed at what’s waiting for you on the other side.

You’re a special and unique snowflake of a Unicorn of a person. Don’t deny the world all the cool stuff you’ve got to offer because you’re afraid, confused or just stuck.  Life isn’t meant to be mediocre and neither are you. Grab the Unicorn by the horn and let’s get you where you wanna go.