Hiring Strother as a coach was the best decision of my career. He pushed me to push myself, he supported and offered comprehensive feedback on some of my crazy ideas and most of all helped me realize my own potential. I would recommend Strother to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!

Kendall A – Interior Designer – Vancouver, BC

Before my coaching program with Strother, I felt like there were several areas of my life that were in a state of disarray (to provide some context, within 3 months of getting married my job was relocated to another city and I was laid off.) I’m the kind of person who will read and research various topics, especially those in the self help / happiness project / live your best life realm, yet I took little action to implement what I learned.

Because I felt like so many things were out of my control I often played the “blame game” instead of accepting a situation for what it was and moving forward. Strother did an awesome job at asking the right (and sometimes difficult) questions which helped to clear out the mental chatter that was hindering my progress.

Over the course of a month Strother and I worked on identifying my survival behaviors, some good and some not so good, which was an exercise I had never done (or read about.) After having completed this exercise, I’m able to better understand why I react to certain situations the way that I do; more importantly I’m able to distance myself from a situation and think about if I’m coming from my best self or if I’m being defensive.

This is something that I use every single day and has really helped to redirect my inner monologue as well as improve my closest relationships. Working with Strother trumps any self-help book that I’ve read. Even though he was my coach, oftentimes I felt like I was talking to a friend. Strother provided accountability and structure at a time that I needed it most- I made a great amount of progress during our sessions and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Brie C – Consultant – Washington, DC

My session with Strother pushed me to take action on something I have been avoiding for a long time. He was honest, open, and very straightforward. He asked questions that I wasn’t willing to ask of myself. I found myself recommending him to a friend not even ten minutes after I got off the phone with him.

Em GActor – New York, NY

I’d been struggling with the question “what next?” for some time.

Several years ago, I left the corporate world to become a Massage Therapist. I was now unhappy with my circumstances, as I just was no longer willing to work so hard for an income. I was in a new marriage, and wanted to spend more time with my wonderful husband. Massage is both physically and mentally draining.

I’d been approached by an old high school friend with a new business opportunity, and I was really excited about the offer but I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to run my own business, or lead a team of my own to success. I didn’t think I had what it took. I’d never run my own business. In the Corporate world I’d always worked for someone else. In massage, although I was self employed, I worked out of spas, chiropractor offices and had little business experience or responsibility.

I had one session with Strother, and that session changed my life.

He led me through an exercise which changed my perception and made me see myself in a whole different light. Because of his coaching and the valuable insight he gave me, I took the plunge, and started my own business in March 2014. It is now just a few months later and I am leading a growing team of 6 and was number 5 of the top 50 earners this past month. I have a clear plan for success and I have my coaching sessions with Strother to thank for my renewed belief in myself and my abilities. I’ll never be able to thank him enough. 

Wendy WBusiness Owner – Kennesaw, GA

In my current roll as Head of Product for Loudfund, my day to day is gnarly. I had a coaching session with Strother and in the course of an hour this man helped me identify a couple key areas where I could be better at time management.
The concept of delegation isn’t necessarily new to me, but the way Strother was able to take a general concept and point out specific areas in my day-to-day in regards to time management and delegation has helped my productivity immensely. He also coached me in context-switching. Mainly, to do this as little as possible.
I didn’t even see how I was working against myself in these common yet unique ways, until Strother had insight into my work and was able to use his creative brain in solving some problems with me. I can’t recommend this guy and his services enough. It’s help me improve my game and not feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around like a crazy.
Chad B. – Head of Product for LoudFund – Atlanta, GA – www.chadbercea.com

Strother Gaines is an insightful and inciting coach.
He is an acute observer who sees clearly, is able to get to the heart of the matter and ask the most penetrating questions which open up new perspectives on my issues.  He has helped me see where my anxiety, my “need” to be perfect, or my fear is limiting my view and often holding me back.  His coaching has prompted me into action.  I am taking risks that seem far less riskier than doing things the same ways that I have always done.  Not only do I find myself doing things differently, I am also finding that I am feeling less pressure  and accomplishing more.  And it is more of what is truly important to me, no longer the things that I feel that I should be doing. I am thrilled with the results.
Spencer A – Fundraiser – Washington, DC