I’ve got 100 ideas for a company but can’t get out of the research phase

14B great ideas but cant get outDecisions are hard, yo.


Trust me, I feel you. We’ve got a term for it in coaching: Analysis Paralysis. If you’ve read the About Me Section in depth you may recall my strategy when it came to pulling a trigger. (Ready…aim…aim some more…ask someone to come check and make sure my arm is straight…take a break…aim again…go grab lunch…aim…quit because shooting something is stupid anyway and I look like an idiot.)


What’s keeping you from one of those ideas getting up and on it’s legs? Is it money? Is it time? Is it inexperience? Or is it Analysis Paralysis?


It’s awesome doing all of the mental gymnastics around starting a company, creating a product, writing a screen play, whatever you’re fantasizing about. The fantasy is amazing and it’s fun to live in fantasy-land if only for a couple of minutes but slowly “practicality” creeps in.


You don’t have any capital.

You can’t support your family doing that.

You didn’t go to “the right school” for that.

If this really was a good idea, wouldn’t someone else have done it by now?

And on and on and on.


Do you want to think about that fantasy-land or do you want to make a go at getting there? Lots of people have done it and you’re no less impressive. Coaching provides the support structure to push through that paralysis, to push through doubt and to actually move towards your goals. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you went for it and succeeded? Why wait? There’s never a “perfect time”. There’s never a “no risk” venture (at least any worth pursuing).


We humans have something called a “Negativity Bias”. We’ll do anything we can to avoid risk or discomfort even if it means sacrificing potential pleasure, excitement and financial gain.


It’s the old “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” saying. We don’t start making a move for the bush until there’s about 100 birds over there and even then we think “Maybe I should just be happy with the 1 bird I’ve already got…why go for 100 birds? What would I even do with 100 birds? I’ll hang out over here and not get too close to that bush. Birds peck.”


Go get the damn birds. Even if you don’t get all 100 you’ll get more than 1!
Stop trying to minimize your risk and instead move to maximize your profit. You’ve got this. Let’s get that Unicorn out of the fantasy realm and into your life.
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