I wish I could just write/paint/sing/act

6B i wish i just can paintStarving artist just sounds so sexy doesn’t it?


Really though. It’s got that air of holier than thou and a “commitment” to your art that others “just wouldn’t understand”.


Well imagine a world where you can do what you love and still be able to afford the things you want. Lots of people are out doing just that, how come they can have it and not you?


(Hint: the answer is not “They went to a better program”, “It was all luck” or “They have rich enough parents”. All of those things may be true about the person you’re imagining, but you don’t have to have any of that to have both artistic and creative freedom.)


I’ve spent a huge part of my life pursuing theatre and a huge part of my life eating ramen and telling my lawyer friends “No you really don’t have to pick up dinner…are you sure? Thanks so much!”


I now direct shows, write plays, work on photography, travel, explore, see theatre, see concerts, practice my music, sing Disney songs (allthetime) and create whenever I want without the fear of not making my rent payment and trying to decide between dinner and bus fare.


I know it’s super sexy to be a starving artist and I know it’s easy to say “that’s just not what an artist’s life is like” when you imagine wealth and material desires but if you’re ready to do the work, explore in a way you’ve not been trained to and get the support you need then it’s within your reach.


Let’s take that Unicorn and get it up on stage.


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