I love my current job but don’t make enough money.

1 love my job but dont make money

It’s a familiar picture.

  • The starving artist.
  • The impoverished intern.
  • The negative-balance non-profit
  • The underpaid urban planner
  •  The salesman scraping by


Each of them doing something they truly love or that they’re genuinely good at or that contributes to the greater good of the world and they’re stuck sharing a one bedroom basement level apartment with someone they found on craigslist.

I know you. I have been you (for many years in fact). It’s possible though to make the money you want to make, have the things you truly want to have and still work in the field you love. Lots of people are out there doing just that, why can’t you? What makes them a super magical unicorn? Was it luck? Was it because they were “born into it”? Was it a chance encounter with a Hollywood director?


It doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you’re going to do it. The only reason I bring up other people is to prove that it’s not impossible. That it’s within reach.  That you too can get there.

Curious how? Let’s set up a free introductory session and we can start moving towards it.

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