Get off your ass and do it

Here we are in the inaugural blog post. The trumpets sound only for me because as of yet, I have no subscribers. My page is barely up and I have a list of corrections and edits already that suddenly appeared when my site went from “under construction” to live. I can pretty much guarantee that when this post is published not a single person will see it for quite some time.

Which is why I’ve put it off till now.

“Write the first blog post” has been on my to do list for weeks now but somehow something else always came up. I had to do some networking or write more content or those dishes weren’t gonna wash themselves. I had hyped up this first blog post to be the end all be all of my writing career.

What if it doesn’t resonate with my readers and clients? What if it actually had a reverse effect and made someone decide NOT to hire me? What’s the perfect topic for a first blog post? How should I do it?

I asked for advice. I polled clients. I read other blogs. I asked colleagues for ideas. I wrote the first 2-5 sentences of about ten different “FIRST BLOG POSTS” before I landed here. A random weekday night when I decided “screw it I’m gonna write the damn thing.”

That’s often the first step though in getting through a huge project or moving towards a goal. Something is keeping us back (it’s too hard, it’s too important, I don’t know how yet) and we let it sit and get stagnant for fear we’ll do it wrong.

The thing I’ve learned though is there is no “right” way to write a first blog post (or approach a project or find new clients or create something). You just have to do it. If it sucks – so be it. You learned how not to write a first blog post. If it’s fantastic – great you’re developing your voice. You’re building your value. You’re producing work. You’re able to get feedback. You’re developing a writing muscle. Most importantly you’re moving towards your goals.

What project(s) are you avoiding right now? What are you getting out of avoiding them? What would your life look like if you just got them done? I’m not saying it’ll be easy (it might be, this post just flowed right outta my fingers), I’m saying it’ll be worth it.

Just do the damn thing. Not doing the damn thing is so much harder than just doing the damn thing.

Blog Post 1 – Complete.