Have you been to multiple self/business/team/leader improvement events to be told to hug your inner child while experiencing your potential and chanting your “power phrase”?

Yeah, me too.

Did it feel good and empowering in the moment?

Sure it did. We’re all awesome at that.

It’s easy to believe in yourself in a room full of people encouraging you to believe in yourself, but what about when you get back to your desk to sit down to write that novel/develop that program/change that structure and the “need to pay your bills” or the fear of rocking the boat creeps into your head?

For many (myself included) that power phrase just isn’t gonna cut through the years of societal “shoulds” and “don’ts” and “helpful pieces of advice“.

If that power phrase did in fact do it it for you then by all means congratulations.

I’ll be looking for your how-to book ASAP.

For the rest of us, coaching provides a support structure that helps you apply action to insight. We all have a negativity bias that was once designed to protect us (“If I go down that road, a dinosaur will eat me just like it ate Ugg so better never go near that road”) but now keeps us from making big leaps towards a goal.

We’re hardwired to minimize risk instead of maximize gain.

Get over your negativity bias with a coach.

Get over your negativity bias with a Unicorn.

Coaching is a rigorous support system that’s not going to let you wiggle out of your commitment to minimize risks even when (especially when) it’s confronting or uncomfortable.

It’s going to push you to make the moves to reach your goals, surpass your quotas, build your empire, and create the life & career you know you want.